has Nothing on Regan Original Video CEO, Jeff Bezos, recently made headlines when he suggested that in the very near future they would be using drones to deliver items to customers. Here at Regan Original Video, the future is right now.  We’ve been using our very own drone to capture spectacular aerial footage for clients like Friendly’s and Belkin Family Lookout Farm.


The advent of remote controlled drones with small HD cameras attached is just now catching on but we’ve been doing it for nearly a year. In the past, capturing aerials was an expensive and complicated endeavor. The cost alone often made the idea unthinkable for our clients. Now aerial footage is possible for projects of all budgets and the results are amazing.


From a creative point of view, we are always looking for differents angles and perspectives when filming. The ability to get a bird’s eye view is just one more way to help tell our client’s story through video. It’s part of Regan Original Video’s ongoing effort to deliver visually compelling video content for broadcast, the web and on smart devices.


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