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The 5 Best Commercials from the Super Bowl


Although there may not have been much competition in the 2014 Super Bowl itself, there was a lot of competition when it came to the game’s commercials. Many companies had successful advertisements in the “Brand Bowl” but these are our top five choices for the best:

Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”


This one just melts your heart. What’s cuter than following a yellow lab puppy as it becomes best friends with one of Budweiser’s Clydesdale horses? Nothing. 

T-Mobile’s “#nocontract”


Tim Tebow, the former NFL quarterback, showed the world his comedic side as he joked about all the things he has accomplished since being a free agent. This is in accordance with how T-Mobile does not require customers to sign a contract for its wireless services like many other providers do.

Audi’s “Doberhuaha”


Audi’s commercial focused on an odd Doberman/Chihuahua hybrid to promote its new A3. The point is that it is possible to mix two things that normally do not mix: a luxury vehicle with affordable pricing. The ad may not have directly sold cars, but it was clever and fun to watch (especially the Sarah McLachlan joke).

Doritos’ “Cowboy Kid”


Doritos has been known in recent years for having strong Super Bowl commercials. This year is no different as the company has a cute little boy riding his enormous dog and pretending he is in the Wild West as he tries to claim his Doritos.

Chrysler’s “America’s Import”


Chrysler once again has come out with a Super Bowl ad that makes Americans feel good about themselves and their country. Also, with Bob Dylan as the narrator of the two-minute long commercial, it’s hard for Chrysler to get more American.



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