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Web Facelift: Revitalizing Your Brand


image001Many businesses look at a Web site as a one-time expense. Or worse, they think that once it is built, there is no need to tend to their site. Big mistake.                                 

The reality is that the internet changes rapidly and it continues to evolve. Your Web site requires attention on an ongoing basis. Fresh, updated content is king. Social media, videos and other cost effective strategies can dramatically enhance your Web site’s performance.

If your site has been neglected for months, or even years, you are really doing your business a disservice. A Web site built in 2010 is very likely to be outdated today. Web sites optimized for browsers back then may not work optimally with today’s browsers and mobile devices. Links on your site may go to pages that no longer exist. Your site may use technology that is now obsolete. Maybe you don’t even have a user friendly content management system to make edits and changes to your site. If these issues sound familiar, it is time for a Web facelift!

Community Health Programs (CHP) came to Quinn & Hary to do just that. With outdated content and navigation, the organization could not update their Web content and the site was lacking in several other areas. CHP’s Web site needed a radical facelift.

The newly revamped CHP Web site features multiple language translation, a robust event calendar and provides an enhanced overall user experience. The addition of a revitalized color scheme coupled with fresh photography, has given the Great Barrington health center a rejuvenated look. To view the end result, visit communityhealthprograms.org.

The Web facelift helped generate twice as much Web traffic. With over 35,000 pageviews and over 14,000 visitors within the first few months of the launch, CHP is enjoying an increase in business as a direct result of the newly designed site.

A Web site that looked modern and cutting edge three or four years ago may look and act completely outdated today. Prospects and potential clients may not take your business seriously if you are not paying attention to your brand on the Web.

To revitalize your Web site and stay current with technology, call Quinn & Hary Marketing. We’ll breathe some fresh air into your Web site and some new life into your business.

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