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Who are you? Who is your target audience? How will they find out about you? Why should they care?


We have a passion for helping clients develop and grow their brand!!  Whether you are promoting a product or service, big or small, local or national, we will work with you to achieve a competitive advantage for your brand. With our established process, we can help you leverage your strategic vision to achieve amazing results. Let’s find a way to work together to build your brand to impact the future.

The following process is laid out in five phases to effectively develop a brand positioning that explains how your brand will create a sustainable competitive advantage in the minds of your target audiences.

Phase I – Discovery – Research and Analysis
To reposition your brand we must first take a deeper look at the operation as a whole.  This is primarily a customer-focused exercise.  It is designed to assess the “health” of your brand, uncover sources for the brand and suggest ways to improve and leverage equity.  In this phase we will do the following:

  • Clarify and define vision, strategies, and goals
  • Brainstorming kick-off session with your team
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews to understand current perceptions from both internal and external audiences
  • Internal brand audit – review and analysis of existing marketing materials and media plans
  • Review of existing consumer / marketing research
  • Competitive audit – review of the current competitors
  • Deliver Key Insights and Learning’s presentation

Phase II – Brand Positioning Development
In this phase we will take the learning’s from phase I and filter it to the necessary and most important insights, magnify those points to hone in on the most important details, and then establish an effective positioning strategy that drives the rest of the process.

  • Synthesize the learning’s from the Discovery Phase
  • Create a brand positioning statement and tag line
  • Create brand attributes
  • Deliver Creative Brief  – a document that lays out the creative framework for the marketing materials

Phase III – Creative Concept Development                                                                                         

  • Design Brand Creative Directions based on the brand positioning strategy– TV, Radio, Digital, Print, OOH, Direct
  • Develop Key Message Points that communicate and support the positioning
  • Refine Logo

Phase IV – Creative Production / Brand Standards Development                                                      

  • Prioritize and produce the creative applications
  • Develop brand standards and guidelines

Phase V – Execution

  • Develop a communication strategy for each of your target audiences
  • Develop comprehensive marketing strategy and deployment plan
  • Develop media plan and buying strategy
  • Develop PR and social media strategy
  • Launch to internal audiences
  • Launch to external audiences

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