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Social in Sochi


Stuck in the office?

Can’t see the women’s hockey game because you don’t want to be late for school or work?

Curling starts today at 9am EST but please don’t tell me what’s happening I’m DVR-ing the matches.

I won’t give you the results of the first round of curling but here’s some advice if you really don’t want to know: Stay off social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to name a few, are helping people stay updated, instantly.

There is a nine-hour difference between Boston and Sochi, but social media laughs in the face of the time difference.

Social media is a place where you can find out play-by-play of any sport, and if you follow any Olympic athlete you can get a behind-the-scenes look from their prospective.

My good friend is a trainer for Paraguayan slopestyle skier Julia Marino. He’s been posting great behind-the-scenes images, videos and tweets which I’m truly enjoying. I can’t get enough of it. These missives give you the feeling that you’re there on the mountain or in a rink despite being thousands of miles away.

We live in an information world, we want things 10 minutes ago, and the social media channels are thus buzzing with oodles of Olympic coverage as it happens.

People feast on non-mainstream stories as well, the barrage of poor hotel accommodations, weird food combinations at breakfast, and who could forget all the bathroom facility photos.

Social media has garnered more talk show topics from the Olympics than your local newspaper or favorite website, and has gotten U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner’s angry face as a meme within minutes to boot.

It has also become a promotional tool for upcoming events that some people might have never checked out in the past. Curling does start today; I tend to get sucked in purely on fascination with the sport, but following Twitter, you’ll see that people are tweeting out photos of the Norwegian team’s pants.  Those images alone will surely get a few people to check out curling who might not have done so before.

Social media is keeping people engaged and interested in the Olympics, I mean where else are you gonna hear about a guy getting stuck in a bathroom and breaking out of it like the Incredible Hulk? Norwegian curling

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