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Update on Instagram's new Algorithm
Update on Instagram’s new Algorithm


Two weeks ago Instagram published a blog post announcing that they were developing a new feed algorithm based on users’ personal interests, a similar technology that Facebook has already been using on our news feeds. The new algorithm isn’t effective yet, but it was tested out on a relatively small group recently.


Turn on Notifications
Photo from: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDfffBXKOg_/

Many Instagram users, however, were furious about the feature immediately since many Instagrammers were engaging their followers to turn on push notifications – so that each time a user shares a photo on Instagram, their followers will receive a push notification. Mocking memes and hashtags like #newalgorithmsucks went viral. Why are these users so mad about it? Possibly because many Instagram influencers are prompting their followers to turn on notifications. It seems that they are afraid of losing followers. Should they be, though? Let’s take a look at what the new algorithm does and why you shouldn’t freak out about it

Instagram has been using the reverse-chronological ordered feed since its inception, and as of right now, “people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds,” according to Instagram. Thus, the online mobile photo-sharing company developed an algorithm that users can see the moments they might care about first in their feeds. The order of feeds mostly relies on the user’s interaction and engagement history on Instagram. Although the feature is still in its testing phase, you and your business should keep an eye on the information and stay positive about it. Here’s why:


  1. instagram
    Image from: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/instagram-to-introduce-new-algorithm-based-feed/159753/

    You can identify your true targets on Instagram. Since your audiences are seeing the posts based on their viewing habits and interaction history on Instagram, if they are viewing your posts or commenting on your posts, it’s highly possible that they are interested in your content, your product, or your services.

  2. You can learn what kind of content that you produce is most effective. If you aren’t receiving many comments or engagement on your posts, then you might want to think about adjusting your content on Instagram to get it in front of more of your audience
  3. You can utilize the advertising feature on social media. Remember, viewers are proactively viewing your advertising posts based on their interest. With the new feature, you can raise awareness, attract potential prospects, and don’t necessarily have to interrupt the audience if you’re creating an engaging ad experience
  4. You can begin building a community with strong loyalty on Instagram. After identifying your true targets, you can continue to publish engaging content to cultivate your community.


It doesn’t seem so scary now, does it? For now, since the algorithm is still in a testing period, we’d advise against posting images that ask followers to turn on notifications. It’s quite possible that followers are going to tire of the constant push notifications and might actually end up unfollowing your brand.


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