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Rosé is the new black this summer


Summer Rosé

We all love the hit Netflix original series, but this summer season, keep your eyes on something sitting in a pretty 750ml. bottle instead.

Rosé has been around for centuries, but recently popularity has risen and sales have spiked with wines and champagnes. Typically, the rosé trend begins in the spring and lasts through summer. The crisp taste of a cool and refreshing summer rosé in the warm summer sun is simply delightful and continues to be, but now the trend doesn’t end in the fall, it lasts through out the year.

New York City wine and spirits retailer Sherry-Lehmann Wines has been keeping up with the rosé trend posting pictures of some of the lovely bottles they offer on their Instagram. Through out the year they will include rosé in their social media posts, but since the beginning of spring, rosé has been their main focus.


If you’re in the mood to try a new rosé and need a good suggestion, Nick Passamore’s recent Forbes Online article “Top 20 Rosés for Summer 2016“, features 20 of the rosés sold at Sherry-Lehman. The article goes into detail as to why they “sell as much rose in December as [they] do in august” confirming the rise in popularity. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that like red wine, rosé also has health benefits; according to Christian Gollayan’s article in the New York Post, “ Stop Drinking White Wine”. Christian explains how red wines and rosés are more beneficial to you than white wines, he even specifies that darker rosés are better for you than lighter ones.

Some of the benefits of summer Rosé include:

  • Increase of good HDL cholesterol levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease blood-sugar levels
  • Fight belly fat

So go ahead and see what all the buzz is about; have yourself a crisp glass of rosé while you relax and enjoy this summer. Whether you’re poolside, at dinner or just out for drinks, rosé will be refreshingly satisfying this summer 2016 or for anytime of the year.






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