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Fenway Restaurant Provides Healthy Food Options During World Series


We couldn’t be happier that the Sox have played their way into another World Series, but our stomachs are sure to pay the price. Chowing down on assorted dips, burgers and flavored wings with a group of your friends is almost a priority when it comes to watching sports. And as the loyal public relations execs for a lot of restaurants offering those items, we get it and generally support it. We’d normally write off a day of junk food, but some might not be ready to head down that slippery slope before the holidays, which inevitably bring months of heavy-duty eating. If you’re one of those people, then you’ll need a surplus of choices (not to mention will power) to keep you on the right and healthy track.

That’s where Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill steps in. That’s right, the restaurant known for its Rem Dawg, variety of burgers and the Green Monstah platter, has just added an amazing line up of healthy vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes. Enjoy your sliders, but over lettuce instead of bread. Or swap out the meat altogether and order a Tempeh or Spicy Chipotle Black Bean Burger in its place. The Quinoa Taboulleh wrap is a tasty vegan option as is the Avocado & Cashew Cheese Sandwich, and there’s plenty of salads and pastas to choose from as well.

But don’t let the ingredients fool you, these options have just as much flavor packed in them as their tempting counterparts. Much like the playoff beards on this year’s team, you’re sure to find that Remy’s new VVG menu is a game changer.

Your stomach will thank you, and when the Sox inevitably wind up bringing home their third Commissioner’s Trophy in the last 10 years, jumping up and down and celebrating like a crazy person will feel that much more comfortable.

-Kelli B. Fletcher

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