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What the World Series can teach us about Public Relations



image001The World Series began last night at Fenway Park and things are looking good for our Red Sox!  While watching, I took away a few concepts that apply to public relations:

Teamwork is Key

In order for the Red Sox to win the World Series, they must first and foremost continue to work as a unified entity.  This is the case in any team sport; as a basketball player growing up, I learned teamwork was always the most important element in the success of any team I was part of.  It is no different in our roles as part of the team with Regan Communications Group; we must collaborate and pull together every day.  We must recognize each other’s strengths and harness that power so that we can apply our skill sets to the incredibly diverse needs of each client.  If we do this, we can be successful in any task.

Multi-talented staff is essential

Just as the Sox must have clutch hitters, solid fielders and closers to cover all the bases, as an integrated communications firm we must do the same. Our team has seasoned news reporters and editors who can not only develop messaging but develop valid news worthy angles to secure media to “cover the story.” Our Video Unit’s production teams produces Regan Original Videos, creating web content, promotional videos, material for use by TV news targets and TV commercials; we also have graphic designers/web designer to capture your image in needed collateral, billboards, or a new or upgraded website; not to mention our renowned image consultants who will ensure you present your brand in the most effective manner possible. Alone – you may not have the answer, but someone on our team does, or knows someone who will, so keep going until you find it! This Sox team has been called RELENTLESS in going from worst to first and while the word may have had negative connotations in the past – we are going to do some pro bono PR here for the word and change it to a great compliment!

Dedication leads to Success

Like it has for the Red Sox in making it to the World Series, hard work and dedication pay off.  Whether you are beginning in the field of Public Relations, or a seasoned veteran, the most important quality is to be dedicated to your clients and to always be networking.  The Red Sox’ Shane Victorino was a free agent and every team’s alternative choice last winter; the Sox took him on for a season of uncertain expectations and he went on to hit Saturday night’s seventh-inning grand slam to win Game 6 of the American League Championship Series over the Tigers, taking the Sox to the World Series! Victorino is an example of determination and dedication to his job – never give up, and you are bound to hit it out of the park!

-Team Mariellen

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