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Why Your Web Site Needs to be Mobile


A mobile website utilizes technology that enables your web site to be compatible with smartphone or tablet devices in navigation, layout, and user experience. Mobile usage has skyrocketed, but it is not just a smaller, faster, cheaper IT fad!

Mobile devices have shifted power to the pockets of millions of consumers.  It is fast becoming THE way for companies to engage their customers.  Mobile helps them decide and act immediately when they need to accomplish a task like finding a solution, learning from an expert, sending a message, checking on status, sharing an opinion and most important, making a purchase!Q&H Blog_Mobile.pmd

The convenience of mobile is one of the main reasons why smartphone usage is soaring. If your company’s Web site is not mobile, then consumers will find one that is. The widespread use of mobile technology is far reaching and signals a revolutionary change in how we do business.

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union came to Quinn & Hary for a mobile version of their Web site.  The new mobile platform promotes trust that the credit union’s business practices are up-to-date and forward thinking.  The mobile version of their site is reflective of their conventional Web site, but slimmed down to be a more user friendly experience for smartphones and tablets.  Users no longer have to zoom in to view content. They can easily read and see everything, and can click on different buttons and menus with ease.

The mobile site has quickly become an essential communication vehicle for Charter Oak. The site features an easy portal to their Mobile Banking app, a convenient loan rate center and a branch location page where directions, hours and telephone numbers can be accessed with just a touch!

Mobile engagement is vital to your business growth. Contact Quinn & Hary Marketing today to develop a mobile site for your company.

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