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Supporting Our Community: The Anti-Defamation League & The Boston Red Sox


The Boston Red Sox have long exemplified Boston, and its spirit of community.  Never was this more evident than in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.  Our city rallied together immediately, and in such a strong manner that a nation took notice.  While all organizations and individuals joined together to condemn this attack and help the victims, people also needed something positive to focus on, to move forward.  That something was the eventual World Series Champion Boston Red Sox.

From the minute David Ortiz famously stated “This is Our #%$!# City”, the Red Sox organization embarked on a mission to help this city recover and grow stronger.  The Red Sox have always been passionate about enhancing the lives of those in our communities, and now that community spirit was on full display.  It is this amazing dedication to our city and its people that the The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) New England Region will honor Dr. Charles Steinberg and The Boston Red Sox with the Distinguished Community Service Award on February 11th 2014.

Regan Communications is providing public relations support for this well-deserved honor and event, which will be held at Fenway Park.  Boston’s top public relations firm is no stranger to this event or sense of community.  Regan Communications founder George K. Regan was himself a recipient of the Distinguished Community Service Award, as ADL honored Mr. Regan for his contributions to the community during a huge event at the J.F.K Library in 2009.  Regan Communications is proud to support the Boston Red Sox, the ADL, and our communities.

Dr. Steinberg is the driving force behind much of the Red Sox charitable good works.  He noted that both the Red Sox and ADL are passionately committed to the community, and that the Red Sox recognize the privilege it has of trying to use the Red Sox’ good name to enhance people’s lives.

The award is given annually to individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to social justice and community building in both their personal and professional lives. ADL is proud to honor Dr. Steinberg and the Boston Red Sox for their role in uniting the Boston community and helping the city to heal after this past year’s Boston Marathon attack.  Red Sox players took the initiative to comfort so many people, that it was inspiring to see the unity within the organization and in the community.

ADL Regional Director Robert Trestan noted that, “Boston is lucky to have Dr. Charles Steinberg and the Red Sox as part of the city’s fabric. In the wake of the devastating impact of the Marathon bombing they gave us hope, pride, and the unity we needed to heal.”

The Distinguished Community Service Award will be presented to Dr. Steinberg and the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on the evening of February 11th 2014. Red Sox World Champions Dustin Pedroia and MVP David Ortiz will serve as Honorary Co-Chairs, as well as Susan Wornick and Bob Lobel as Masters of Ceremony.   Tickets can be purchased at www.adl.org/adlredsox.  It’s a great opportunity to say thank you to the Red Sox for all it did for Boston in 2014.

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