Being a Public Relations Mary Poppins

marypoppins  As public relations professionals we need to be Mary Poppins in our own way. If you recall, Mary always had everything in that magic bag of hers. We are not only expected to have great advice in our bag of tricks, but also to have any item we or our client may need when at an event, engaged in video production, or whatever client activity we are leading.

However, today many of these needs are taken care of with our mobile device. It replaces the need to carry a:






Note pad

Laptop (email, internet access, social media)


Tape Recorder

Video Camera

Alarm Clock


Flash light

Don’t misunderstand us, there are still needs a publicist has that cannot be replaced with a mobile device. You need a warm smile, a firm handshake, a strong cup of coffee, water to rehydrate yourself and breath mints (good to have for obvious reasons 🙂 ). And the most important thing we must always have is patience. Whether it is at a fun, exciting event or dealing with a major crisis – things can go wrong, and electronic devices will never replace a good publicist who can keep a cool head.

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