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Creating a Campaign for Women’s Healthcare

Regan Communications Group has recently been approached by our Cape Cod Health Care client to create a campaign promoting their excellent women’s healthcare.  Specifically, two of their showcase facilities; The Seifer Women’s Health and Imaging Center and the Cuda Women’s Health Center.
A good starting point is for the entire team to kick off the project. This includes the marketing team from the hospital and out team here at Pierce Cote (Rebecca Pierce, Mary Stengel and myself).
The most important information that comes out of these meetings is:
– What are we saying?
– Who are we talking to?
– Where will we reach them?
– Media considerations
– Budget considerations
– Timing
The primary points to be made.
1- We have access to the latest technology available.
2- You will work with a team of professionals from the time you walk in, to the time you leave, that are second to none.
3- We have invested in our facilities to create an environment that is restful, comfortable, and private.
4- Everything is right here on Cape Cod.
5- Highlight contact info and services provided at each facility
At this point the agency starts the digestion process.
Then the copywriter, Rebecca, and the art director, yours truly, put our heads together and determine how best to break up a lot of information into easily understandable and attractive messages to our potential audience.
We need to determine what to say, how to say it, and what it should look like.
We put together three very different “directions” to get a sense where the client feels comfortable.
All we are looking for at this point is messaging.
Many times a client won’t know what they like until they see it.
We present these “directions to the client.
They all bring the story back to CCHC having these wonderful capabilities, but one direction emphasizes the team, one the technology, and one the end result.
The “end result” approach is a very emotional one based on specific stories and somber images.
It’s determined this might be a bit soft. It’s out.
There were elements of the “team” and “technology” that worked, but as directions they seemed limited.
Our goal upon leaving was to investigate ways of combining those messages in a concise and effective execution.
At this point in the process we created two approaches that are starting to look like ad campaigns.
Each campaign has three different ads in it breaking out the message into team, technology, and environment.
One of the campaigns features messaging that comes from CCHC.
We talk about OUR investment.
WE talk about the importance of understanding how women seek healthcare.
We highlight the technology that WE’VE brought to the Cape.
The second approach turns the discussion around.
It comes at the messages from the WOMAN’S point of view.
What THEY can expect.
What it means to THEM to have the superior technology, personnel, and environment right here on Cape Cod.
It looks like the first approach got a more favorable response at this point. But there seems to be a lot of interest in the second approach as well.
This is the part where the client wants to “show it around” a bit, get some feedback from some non-marketing or advertising folks.
Not always a bad thing.
There will still be some tweaking of copy, some art direction, photography and production before this sees the light of day, but since we’ve all done our homework and we’ve collaborated closely with our clients, we’ll end up with an excellent ad campaign that we can all be proud of. The most important part of all of this is that our client will get a campaign that will meet their objectives and build their brand as the foremost resource for superb women’s healthcare in the region.
-John Migliaccio
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