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6 Simple Steps for Recent Grads Entering the Workforce


Recent Grads Entering the Workforce

“Now that it’s over, what are your plans?” Every 2016 grad has been hearing some variation of this question for the past two months. Recent grads entering the workforce all have similar fears of becoming successful and standing out to their seniors. Here is a guide of steps to continuing down a path for success:

6 Simple Steps for Recent Grads Entering the Workforce

1. Connections. Connections. Connections.

Networking is not only important in finding a career, its vital in your overall career success. If there is one thing I have learned in my 17 years of schooling, and so far in my working experience, it is that building and maintaining healthy relationships can not only go long way, it can either make OR break you. That being said, remember everyone’s name, keep strong eye contact, always be polite, and most importantly: be genuine.

2. Radiate Confidence

Despite feeling like a freshman all over again, keep your confidence. Prove yourself but avoid arrogance. Set goals. Let everyone understand why you were hired.

3. Get involved

Now is the time to expand your knowledge and utilize your experiences. Volunteering and getting yourself involved will not only benefit the community, it will give you a more well-rounded perspective, which could potentially open up even more doors. If you do the things you love, and give yourself time, while also balancing out work and stress, you will be happier, healthier and more efficient.

4. Establish a routine

I have always been told that making routines and following them helps substantially with focus and clarity. In contrast to this very valuable and insightful information, I have always been what they call a “free spirit” and I avoid daily regimen like the plague. Since I started my post grad career, I have learned that being proactive is imperative. Small things like: Picking out your outfits for the week on Sundays, preparing lunches before work each day/night, checking your email right when you get into the office, and keeping yourself organized with a calendar are good habits to have.

5. Strengthen your finances

No one likes to save their money, but why are you working if you are spending all of your money in the Financial District on after work cocktails “waiting for the traffic to be over?” This is not college anymore! You have loans (dreading that day more than Bob Marley’s hair dresser), rent to pay, a car to pay off, and hopefully, a 401K or another work-based savings plan you should be contributing to each pay period.

6. Support the businesses that support you

This may seems obvious, but it definitely flies under the radar. Go invest in your clients. A big part of business is believing in the product or company that you represent. It will help you become passionate about your accounts and clients and develop relationships with their businesses. The more interconnected we are with the people we represent, the better communication, the better overall results. Don’t stress too much! Work hard! Be passionate!

Recent grads entering the workforce, you have made it this far. Continue to strengthen your prosperity!


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