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Little Kids Rock at Capitale


Little Kids Rock

The nonprofit organization hosted its 8th annual benefit on Oct. 5 in Downtown Manhattan. Numerous rock and roll legends packed the house to benefit music in public schools.

During the month of October, Capitale has been the venue of choice for non-profit benefits and galas. The venue has seen the likes of celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio over the last couple of months. The most recent benefit was held by the Little Kids Rock Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to raising money for music programs in public schools. This past Wednesday some musicians and music enthusiasts came out to support giving the children of our future the opportunity to learn and enjoy music.  Among the attendees was the great Smokey Robinson, one of soul’s greatest vocalists.

Smokey spoke about his childhood in Detroit and how he turned to music as his safe place.  Being brought up in a school where he was motivated to follow his path to music, Smokey wants to give kids the same opportunities he had when he was a child.

The Little Kids Rock foundation ended up raising over $1 million. Other musicians who attended were Kenny Loggins, Paul Schaffer, Nathan Sykes, Bernie Williams, Sam Moore, and Will Lee. Famous comedian, Tracy Morgan, hosted the event. These performers expressed the importance of music in schools. They hope that this benefit will give kids the opportunities to grow their love for music.

Little Kids Rock
Tracy Morgan, before the event began, spoke to a group of kids about the importance of staying in school and their music programs. Tracy became emotional and expressed how proud he was of the children and all of their accomplishments. He even snapped a bunch of pictures with the kids!

Kids from all across Manhattan were present and performed at the event. Various kids sang and showcased their talent by playing a variety of musical instruments. All these kids were living proof just how important music education is in schools.  

Since 2002, their mission has been to transform lives by allowing children to express their creativity through music. Little Kids Rock has helped over 500,000 students rock all across the country. Not only do they donate hundreds of instruments, they build music education programs in schools and that’s what sets them apart. You can give a child an instrument but you need to give him or her the tools to succeed in playing that instrument.
All donations received by Little Kids Rock will be matched dollar to dollar until the end of the year.

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