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How to Make an Impression on Distant Relatives During the Holidays


The holidays are here and we all know what that means–presents, good food, and LOTS of family time. It also means seeing family members we haven’t seen in awhile, like crazy Aunt Karen from Florida who’s flying up for the holidays. For these relatives, the last image they have of you was when you were 16 with braces and that hideous haircut. So now is the time to really impress them. As PR professionals, we know what it takes to create a good image and promote it. So here are a few tips, from a PR prospective, on how to make a lasting impression that will leave them talking until the next family reunion.

  1. Dress to impress. Black Friday shopping may have been amazing, but now is not the time to show off that new little black dress. Wear something conservative to show off your older and “classier” side. Promote yourself and show them how much you’ve grown. Maybe even wear that knitted sweater Grandma Betty gave you, just to make her happy.
  2. Drink in moderation. Remember, you might not see these relatives again for awhile, so make sure their impression of you is not a sloppy mess.
  3. Promote yourself. Make sure to talk about all your great accomplishments. It will show how successful you are and give them something to remember. Plus, mom will be so proud.
  4. Do your research. Bobby made honor roll? Uncle John got a new job? Nowadays you can find anything on the internet. Social media is not only a big aspect of public relations, but also a big part of our everyday lives. More likely than not, most of your family members are on social networking websites. Do your research and bring these new stories up in conversation. They will definitely be impressed and it really shows you care.
  5. Network. Your relatives may be a great connection for you professionally. Grow those relationships because you never know, crazy Aunt Karen may help you big time in the future. Plus, networking will help you grow stronger relationships with the distant relatives you don’t see too often.

– Emily de Lacoste, account executive

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