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“Feeling 22”


In PR, whether you’re a budding company trying to break into the biz or a decade old staple attempting to attract new clientele, the goal is to stay newsworthy. As any publicist will admit, there often comes a time when those newsworthy stories won’t come to you, you have to buckle down, get creative and discover the storyline buried under what you have.

NYC Team & Appetito Father/Son Executive Team
NYC Team & Appetito Father/Son Executive Team

We experienced this recently with a new NYC restaurant client, Appetito Ristorante. The restaurant had been around for 22 years and, with no intention of making major renovations to their location or menu, needed the Regan NYC team to secure some new and exciting media attention. To accomplish this goal, we took a page out of T-Swift’s book and threw an Appetito 22 Legacy event, complete with culinary offerings from their original 1991 menu and a tasty new signature cocktail. We were also able to leverage the Appetitio 22 Legacy menu into an ongoing dining promotion, offering the public a chance to enjoy the 1991 menu complete with throwback pricing every Saturday and Monday evening.

In the end, the event was a success resulting in media coverage from outlets like CBS Local, Guest of a Guest, The Daily Meal and am New York, to name a few. 22 may not seem as exciting as more common anniversary years like 50 or 75, but in the concrete jungle of NYC every year open is something to celebrate.

-Sarah Cox


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