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Brittney’s Boston Internship at RCG


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Moving to a city for the first time can be quite the adventure. From all the different cultures and architecture, to the way people drive, there are so many things to get used to! Being from Florida, I have always been around an easy-going environment so moving to a hustle and bustle city like Boston, it was a definitely a wake up call. Spending my summer in Boston, a place I have never been was one of the best things that have happened to me. I have learned more than I ever could’ve imagined from interning with Regan Communications Group and I will be forever thankful to Team Joanna and the company for the opportunities I was able to experience. Sometimes it can be scary moving to a new place but it is also very rewarding. Taking on an internship with Regan is such a privilege so embrace the experience!

One thing that I suggest doing if you take on an adventure like mine, is to create some sort of blog or Instagram that you can take advantage of your time in a new place. You will be able to look bacScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.31.08 AM
k on that account and remember all the awesome things you did as well as enhance your social media skills. I created an Instagram for my summer in Boston called @britt.takes.boston, where I would post pictu
res of places I visited and different sceneries around the city. Doing this allowed me to go explore on the weekends and take photos as well as connect with local Boston accounts. Thanks to my internship with Regan, I was lucky enough to attend a few events throughout the summer that I could feature on my Instagram.

Another thing I learned while spending time in Boston is how good the food is in general, but especially in the North End. Regan is located in a place that is very convenient in terms of good food and I highly suggest taking the time to explore the area around the office! The harbor is close by with public picnic tables that face the water and this is where myself and the other interns would eat together. Strega has the best menu around (especially the Fried Calamari) and Mike’s Pastry is a definite must try. Whether you’re in the mood for pasta or an organic smoothie, the North End has it allScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.31.23 AM

During your internship at Regan you will meet some of the best people and I suggest you take the time to get to know them! The people on your team will become those you go to for questions as well as talk about what you did that weekend. Everyone who works at Regan is welcoming, encouraging and very supportive and there is no doubt you won’t love interning here! I have had such an amazing summer and there is no other way I would’ve rather spent it than interning with this company. Moving from Florida, I had no idea what to expect and without my Team embracing me and believing in me, I don’t think I would’ve learned as much as I did or had as great of a time. I wish you luck in all you experience in your internship!



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