Birth of a Brand Identity

No, it’s not exactly high art.

It is, however, art with a somewhat higher exposure than the fine paintings ensconced in a museum or gallery. A bad logo won’t stop your business from growing – but a good one can catapult you into the cortex of your consumer.

Creating logo ideas, pitching them to the client, gathering feedback, refining ideas and possibly combining elements from multiple options, pitching them again, gathering more feedback…it would be nice to brag that we hit it out of the park every time, but sometimes the process takes some time.

Alchemy recently created a brand identity for a historic building that a developer is turning into luxury loft apartments. We developed a name and tagline for the property, then needed to create a visual identity. Long story short, the building has a major tie to Alexander Graham Bell.

While they considered dozens of name ideas (all of which have to be reasearched to be sure there is not a competing propoerty in the same market with a similar name, or in any of the markets the developer builds from South Florida to updstate New York), the one the client ultimately chose is Alexander Lofts.

What follows are the logo concepts we showed at the first brand presentation:

AL logo draft_01 AL logo draft_02 AL logo draft_03 AL logo draft_04 AL logo draft_05 AL logo draft_06 AL logo draft_07


From that, the consensus was that we should take two of the logos they liked best, and apply a color palette the interior design was working with. These are the refinements:AL logo final_01 AL logo final_02 AL logo final_03 AL logo final_04 AL logo final_05 AL logo final_06

Then, it was decided that since the color scheme was still up in the air while we needed to start producing building graphics, outdoor marketing, and a landing site, we should find colors that were IN BETWEEN the two possible shade palettes.

We can’t make this stuff up.

AL logo fence

Et voila, here you see the final logo applied to fence wraps. You can see the landing site we designed here: Up next is a full website, leasing collateral, coordination of a public art project (mural on one side of the building), and other elements.

-Kelly Mayfair Owens