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2015: Another Great Year for Higher Education, both Traditional and Online



Right in our backyard we have one of the leading education institutions in New England, The University of Massachusetts System and its online platform, UMassOnline. With over 140 of University of Massachusetts degrees and certificates now available online, and more than 1,500 online courses offered annually, UMassOnline is proud to continue to cultivate the UMass System.

For over a decade now, UMassOnline has been helping busy professionals, lifelong learners, and students worldwide continue their education, enhance their careers, and enrich their lives regardless of where they’re located. Overall, the UMass System has a lot to celebrate as the year 2015 comes to an end and we wanted to share some of their accomplishments.

UMassOnline launched the following nine new programs in 2015, with more in the pipeline for 2016.

•             Master of Public Administration in Global Comparative Public Administration – UMass Boston

•             BA, Technical Communication Concentrations – UMass Amherst

•             Master of Arts in Security Studies: Industrial and Economic Security Concentration – UMass Lowell

•             Master of Arts in Security Studies: International Security Concentration – UMass Lowell

•             Master of Science in Security Studies: Critical Infrastructure Protection Concentration – UMass Lowell

•             Master of Science in Finance – UMass Lowell

•             Master of Science in Accounting – Isenberg MSA at UMass Amherst

•             Master of Arts in History – UMass Boston

•             Master of Science in Accounting – Online MSA at UMass Lowell

The UMass System also welcomed in a new President, Marty Meehan who is the first UMass President to also be an alumni of the school. During President Marty Meehan’s inaugural week, he visited all five campuses in one day – a first in the school’s history. As for their 5 campuses across Massachusetts, they continue to be an anchor to the UMass system success.

UMass Amherst was rated among top schools in the United States for their contributions to the public good by Washington Monthly.

UMass Dartmouth added 39 new faculty members from across the United Sates for the 2015-2016 academic year.

UMass Boston celebrated faculty and staff for years of service in November, including two employees who have worked at the University for 50 years.

UMass Lowell  debuted the transformed McGauvran Center, the 12th new building opened by the university in six years.

With plenty in store for 2016, we look forward to what the future holds for the UMass System!


— Team Julie

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