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Young PR Professionals; Worry About “Working Smart”


Last year, Princeton graduate Susan Patton, more commonly known as “Princeton Mom,” outraged females across the country after she wrote an open letter urging female students to find a husband on campus before they graduate. Taking it one step further, Patton has capitalized on her fame by publishing her own dating manual titled, “Marry Smart.” Her book is supposed to serve as a guide to help women who “aspire to marriage and motherhood.” Her advice includes how to “date to find a mate” and how to find total satisfaction in your roles as a wife and mother.

As a graduating senior from Boston University, I found this laughable. Why would I spend a grueling four years writing essays, studying for tests, and working my you-know-what off at internships just to get married? But there is hope for young women, like me, looking to start their professional career…and that hope is Amal Alamuddin. George Clooney surprised everyone last week by announcing his engagement to Alamuddin, who before being launched into the spotlight, was virtually unknown.

But Alamuddin should not be unknown; college women everywhere should identify her as a role model. At 36, she is a human rights lawyer who is an adviser to Kofi Annan, a Ghanaian diplomat. Additionally, she co-edited the book, “The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Law and Practice,” and speaks fluent French, Arabic, and English. Alamuddin proves Princeton Mom wrong and shows that you can have a successful career and find your mate.

In a world where headlines revolve around the drama of the Kardashian sisters and other Hollywood stars, it is hard for young women to find a role model. Women like Alamuddin, along with Katie Couric or Ellen DeGeneres, are often overlooked despite the efforts they make for women my age. The Future Mrs. Clooney shows all single, ambitious women out there that having your own success and putting your career first, does not ruin your chances at getting married or having a family. Hats off to you, Amal Alamuddin, college-aged women are sure to follow in your footsteps!

-Kaela Asharin

Team Joanna

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