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You Had Me At Emojis



Emojis started as a Japanese company to allow cellphone users to the have pictures as a way to communicate. When introduced to the iPhone, it was a downloadable app that could be installed as a keyboard, but today emojis are preinstalled in all phones including androids and even in apple computers.

We have evolved from phones being used to make phone calls to text messaging, and now to emoji messaging. We are already seeing less communicating face to face due to texting but now people are worried that using emojis are taking over traditional words, according to BBC. There has been a lot of discussion of whether the new form of communicating will rely heavily on choosing emojis after Facebook has announced its new feature to choose an emoji for a post. The Guardian  shows us the front page of USA today weekly which features emojis next to each headline. Some say this has gone too far and that print shouldnt be used the same way that digital is used. What do you think?

AdWeek goes as far to say that emojis are preferred for communicating with one another. Results state that 92% of the online population uses emojis. Why are the emojis so popular? Emojis are a way to add emotion to a conversation. For example, maybe someone texts you saying they are on their way over. Instead of saying Okay!how about “????????????”. The excitement is expressed vividly through these little pictures. Dont think its possible to talk through emojis? Take a look at these 90s TV shows told through emojis here. Maybe youll guess these songs as told by emojis too, here.


— Leanna Olbinsky, Intern, Team Scott

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