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You Can Take It With You: Shooting Green Screen On Location


Many times our clients need to shoot their talent in front of a green screen in order to later replace the background with branded material that may not yet be conceived.  This technique is nothing new, everyone from the local network weather man to big budget Hollywood blockbusters use green and blue screens as a way to place their subject in an endless array of environments.  This is easy enough to do if you have a large studio with calibrated lighting available, but what if the client wants to shoot outside or on location?

Luckily many companies have created cost effective portable green screens like the Impact Super Collapsible Background.  This 8 x 16′ Chroma Green background is large, lightweight and fast to set up and has become an invaluable tool in Regan Original Video equipment arsenal.  When our client RE/MAX of New of England wanted to give a high-tech facelift to their video web series TechCheck, Regan used our collapsible green screen to setup a virtual studio right inside RE/MAX’s regional office.  Bringing the studio to the client saved them valuable time away from their office while still maintaining the high level of production value Regan Original Video is known for.  You can watch the finished video below…


-Team Creative


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