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World Cup 2014


As you may or may not know, yesterday marked the beginning of the 2014 IFA World Cup in Brazil. For those of you like me who constantly struggle to keep up with sports, fear not… I’ve cut through all the confusion and developed the most basic summary in a few basic steps of how the World Cup actually works.

1.)    There are approximately 32 teams competing.


2.)    Along with the host country of Brazil, the top seven teams were put into separate groups to ensure fairness.


3.)    The existing teams were put into “pots” – groups based on geographic location.

  • Pot 1: Top seven teams + Brazil
  • Pot 2: Africa + South America
  • Pot 3: Asia & North America
  • Pot 4: Europe


4.)    Then, one team from each pot was randomly placed into a separate group.


5.)    Then the four teams in each group play against one another and the top two proceed.

6.)    After these games are finished, it moves into a single-game elimiation bracket, starting with the winner of each group playing the runner-up of another group. Winners then advance and keep playing until only two teams remain.

7.)    And then… Total world domination by soccer.


And in case you weren’t excited enough, this video will get you psyched to root for Team USA.

Who are you rooting for in the #WorldCup?

-Carolyn Rasley, Account Executive


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