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Why Food Trucks are Now the Best Lunch Option



Lunch, the favorite meal of nearly every single person who works a full time job. It’s a break that signals the mental halfway point in the day and allows people a chance to unwind and enjoy a casual meal with coworkers before returning to their work. As of recent, an interesting alternative to going out to lunch seems to have become one of the most popular options for a midday meal. Food trucks have taken the world by storm by providing quick service, simple meal choices, and cheap prices with no tax.

The beauty of food trucks is that tfood truckshey aren’t restricted to just one location. They can take residence in a public area that is conveniently located for large amounts of people. College campuses, outdoo
r events, and busy areas in the city are places where food trucks are abundant and the waiting lines stretch for miles. So aside from being in short walking distance from your office, what makes food trucks so special? Well for one, there is usually more than one truck in a location so there are many options for you and your friends or coworkers to choose from instead of having to decide on only one place to eat as a group. Also, it forces you to eat outside which can provide a much more pleasant and relaxing substitute to eating inside. The prices are also very reasonable because they almost always exclude tip and tax. The ingredients are simple and fresh and the menu will typically be very small. The bottom line is that food trucks make your decision easy, have tasty meals that don’t cost a lot, and build community.

So next time you’re stepping out of your office to get a bite to eat, consider going to a food truck if you haven’t done so already. There are websites that will tell you where they are located and odds are there’s going to be one near you! You won’t regret it.



–Mike Slaby, Intern

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