At 35 Regan Communications Group has hit its prime! We help individuals, corporations, hospitality groups, medical and educational institutions, small businesses and nonprofits clarify and claim their brand identity via traditional media and their digital presence. We are specialists in thwarting and properly managing all forms of crisis.

We’ve become one of the largest privately-held public relations firms in the nation by truly valuing new and decades-long relationships with clients in our offices located in Boston and Cape Cod, MA • Manhattan, NY • Providence, RI • Washington, DC • New London and Hartford, CT • Charleston, SC • Jupiter and Palm Beach, FL


Public Relations

Public Relations Is At The Core Of RCG’s Identity As An Agency, And It’s The Area From Which Our Other Services Stem. Perfecting Our Client’s Story And Getting News Outlets To Share It Is Arguably The Most Cost-Effective Means To Promote A Brand And The Best Starting Point To Define It In Its Market.


A brand is a promise wrapped in an experience which engages the customer and delivers value to them. Customers will trust a brand if it delivers consistency and lives up to expectations.

Business Networking

Connecting you to the audience and partners that can help you take your business to the next level is something Regan does better than anyone else.

Crisis Management

RCG specializes in creating proactive crisis plans for our clients, establishing clear chains of communication and action procedures in the event of a crisis.

Digital Services

All of our digital services are customized to the needs of each individual client bringing the most efficient and successful approach to expanding your digital presence and building your brand online.

Event Management

Our decades-long partnerships with the biggest names and best venues mean we can bring the two together for everyone’s mutual benefit.

Government Relations

Government relations is a unique aspect of PR requiring the right combination of sensitivity, connections and messaging.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is also known as communication design; it is the art of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual content.

Influencer Marketing

RCG creates and executes on-brand influencer campaigns, which enable our clients to engage and activate a curated list of influential individuals to create compelling social media content.

Marketing & Media

Regan Marketing & Media is a division of Regan Communications Group that plans, buys, tracks and optimizes all types of traditional, social and digital media.

Media Training

Less than comfortable speaking with reporters? You are not alone, and we can help change how you feel.

Social Media

Social media is an evolving space with new tools, features and platforms being released constantly. RCG experts keep tabs on the changing landscape and how it feeds off and relates to traditional media.

Video Production

RCG has an award-winning, in-house video production team that creates HD-quality videos for clients to use in the media, website, social media or for internal purposes.