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What PR Has Prepped Me For


It’s hard to believe that four years ago this month I began working at Regan Communications in the Providence office. Fresh out of college and ready to begin my career, I was eager to learn the PR ropes as an account coordinator. Boy is it funny to think about how much I have learned over the years! While I have made the bittersweet decision to go back to school for my graduate degree, it is my public relations skill set that has truly prepared me for my new endeavors.

There is no college course or internship that will truly prepare you for a career in public relations. It isn’t until you actually start working and live the day-to-day life of a publicist that you really understand. Some days are incredibly stressful while others are incredibly rewarding. It is this rollercoaster-like lifestyle that makes this job exciting and keeps you coming back every day. It is also what prepares you for pretty much anything both professionally and personally.

Crisis communication, for example, is a skill-set I have learned along the way. While crucial for client emergencies, it is also valuable when dealing with a friend’s unplanned break-up or helping calm down a frantic family member. Writing to deadline and preparing urgent statements also comes in handy. Just give me a couple of bullet points and I can write you an essay. I will now also forever be the friend that knows just what to write for any Facebook post.

While I have learned a lot being in the office, many of my PR skills were learned from the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. It’s been such a pleasure meeting so many individuals over the past four years, from elected officials to non-profit groups and so many more. I feel incredibly connected to the community because of the ability to really interact with such a variety of people.

I’m excited to begin a new adventure, but I will always hold a soft place in my heart for Regan Communications and working in the Providence office. I feel like I grew up here and I’ve graduated into adulthood. The memories and experiences are real and I will always think of my time here fondly.

-Larisa Kupris

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