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Welcome to the Real World


“Welcome to the real world!” is the cliché phrase that was written on 80% of my graduation cards last month. This bittersweet time of my life was finally hitting me full force. I was ready to finish school, but the idea of the “real world” is what scared me the most. Gone are the days of lingering mornings, day-long Netflix binges, and living off of a $50 babysitting paycheck. Full-time employment meant a steady income, new people and challenggrades, and longer days than I have ever experienced.

My first official week at Regan Communications greeted me with a familiar hello, as I was lucky to be able to intern here two days a week for the past five months. Transitioning to full-time hit me with a reality check, but I made it through with minimal anxiety and only one fight with my mother (you can blame it on stress).
With so many recent graduates still scrambling for jobs, I am so lucky to been given this opportunity so quickly. It’s no secret that I still have plenty to learn here at Regan, but my first week has taught me a few things that make all the difference in finally entering the real world.

– Everyone Makes Mistakes. I admit that I repeated this to myself a questionable amount of times this week. No one is expecting a new employee to nail everything correctly on their first shot. We’re all human and we’ve all been in a new position at some point in our lives. It’s natural to make mistakes- it’s how you handle them that matters. Own up to it and learn from it.
– Talk it out. Being an intern at Regan before starting full time helped me in so many ways. The relationships I formed made it possible for me to earn a job, and I got to know some interesting people along the way. An introduction and a simple “good morning” may not seem like much, but it can make all the difference. Forming relationships with my new coworkers helps put me at ease, knowing I can ask for help at any time.
– A little music goes a long way. For me, working in Boston means a long commute. I now look forward to mornings on the commuter rail where I can listen to Taylor Swift’s 1989 and browse Instagram. It’s impossible to walk into work in a bad mood when a good song is stuck in my head. On the few days where I drive to work, laughing along to the radio in the Morning wakes me up better than some coffee.graduation
– Get Healthy. I’m still working on this one. Having to say goodbye to my leisurely 10am spin class is tough, but making time (and having energy) to exercise when working a 9 to 5 job is important. By starting this new schedule, it’s the perfect time to get on track with a healthy eating and exercise routine. There are many temptations in the North End (I’m looking at you, Mike’s Pastry), but bringing a lunch every day is the healthier and less expensive option. Again, I need to understand this.

Everyone at Regan has been so helpful and kind to me during my short time here so far. I’m excited to learn more from some of the greatest in the PR industry and am confident that I will love my career at Regan Communications!

— Amy Berggren

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