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Using Our Skills for the Good of Mankind


I’ve made Lara Croft a household name and made sure you picked up a Coke when you were thirsty. Selling video games and sugary carbonated beverages is how I’ve used my art, communication and marketing skills.

In those old Superhero TV shows and movies there would be an evil genius. And there would almost always be a scene where someone would shake their head and exclaim “If only they used their skills for the GOOD of mankind.”

Well, that’s how I’m feeling about a project we’re working on right now. We are re-branding the Riverview School here on Cape Cod. It’s an excellent school for adolescents and young adults with complex language, learning and cognitive disabilities. Our job is to create videos, a couple of viewbooks and even update their logo. It’s the kind of stuff we do all the time for our clients.

Once in a while one of these projects or clients comes along that really makes you feel good about your chosen profession. It allows us to break out of that whole “Mad Men” mentality and help people who really are helping other people. We’re not just selling product, but supporting an approach that prepares young men and women for the world as independent and as functional as they can be.

It feels good to raise the level of communication for this client who is busy with more important things. They really make a difference in the lives of their students and all of the family members and friends associated with that student.

They’ve got a long history of success with these students. Some parents describe the evolution as miraculous.

We get to be a part of this amazing team. So it feels good to use our skills for the “Good of Mankind” just as the amazing staff at Riverview School does every day.

-John Migliaccio

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