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Top Tips for Shooting Your Holiday Videos


The proliferation of affordable film devices has made it easier than ever to shoot video, and here at Regan Original Video our arsenal of production equipment includes some of the same consumer cameras that are readily available to the public.  Small but powerful options like the GoPro line of cameras afford Regan an unprecedented level of “scalability” when shooting in a variety of diverse and sometimes challenging locations.

With the holidays upon us more and more people will be whipping out their video cameras to capture their cherished holiday moments, so we here at Regan Original Video want to gift you our top tips for shooting great video with whatever device you’ll be using.

3 tips for shooting great video:

1.  Hold Steady

Hold your camera, or smartphone, with both hands.  Make sure to bend your knees a bit and tuck your elbows in close to your body. Breathe slowly and try to avoid too much camera movement, such as excessive panning.

2.  Don’t Zoom

Not even a professional can hold steady a shot when zoomed in all the way.  Whenever possible, move closer to your subject rather than zooming in, then start shooting.

3.  Let There Be Light

You can’t capture what you don’t see, so use as much light as possible when shooting.  Remember that the greatest and most affordable source of light is the sun, so if possible shoot outside.

video photo


– David Hayman

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