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Tips for Sponsorship Activation


Finding the perfect sponsorship partner can sometimes come as a challenge. Sponsorship opportunities can be a great way for a company to bring in extra funds, create a mutually beneficial relationship or cause and increase awareness of your company. Here are some tips to consider when exploring companies to partner with:

  1. Find a Common Ground.  When looking at companies to partner with, find some type of common ground between your companies. Whether it is a “made in America” tie, having a similar mission or supporting an alike cause; you want to be able to relate to each other. Finding what makes your companies similar is a great foundation to a successful partnership.
  2. The Perks. From a PR stand point, an extra perk is always media coverage and added exposure you can gain! Making the public aware of a new partnership your company is involved with is extremely important and can cause an increase of traffic to your company’s website or social media channels. If your company is looking for a sponsor for financial support, you want to always offer the company an incentive or be confident that the pairing is beneficial to their company, as well as yours; you want it to always be a two way street!
  3. Do Your Research. If you are going to pitch a company for their sponsorship, be sure to do your research on them and any on-going partnerships they have. Utilize different aspects of their company to your advantage. If they have other sponsors, how are they marketing that sponsor, and how is the sponsor marketing them. What community initiatives have they done with the program?

At Regan, we work closely with our clients to partner them with like-minded brands. We want to make sure that our clients are choosing the best brands to increase awareness in a positive light. We encourage our clients to get involved with other companies as much as possible, as we have seen such success with it in the past!


–Team Julie

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