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Time Lapse Video is Timely



It seems that everywhere you look lately you see some form of time lapse video. We’ve experimented with it here at Regan Original Video and we love our results. I say experiment because no two time lapse productions are the same. We’ve found that the effects of time lapse are more dramatic in smaller, defined areas like a room or construction site, for example. Also helpful is a specific action like building or moving something. Having a great vantage point is the ultimate win for time lapse video production. A high, unobstructed view of the action is always helpful.

In the case of our client Electronic Supply Company (ESC), a time lapse of the activity in their brand new, state of the art supply center was both challenging and gratifying. The challenge was capturing movement and progress in an enormous warehouse that had activity in far flung places. Multiple cameras were employed over a few weeks to document the transformation from empty space to bustling hub.

We were able to carry some time lapse techniques into CEO, Larry LaFreniere’s speaking part as a great way continue the theme. See if you can figure out how we did that. One hint, no green screens were used for the effect.
Check out ESC’s latest video here:



–Team Creative


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