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Think Social Media Doesn’t Pay? Marc Jacobs Says Otherwise.


What if your tweets, Instagram, and Face book posts could be traded in for social currency? What if they bought you the new Marc Jacobs bag you’ve been fawning over? Well fashion house Marc Jacobs gave New Yorkers the opportunity to do just that during this year’s fashion week at the brand’s Soho-based Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop.

This past weekend, Marc Jacobs teamed up with Aimee Song of Song of Style to open its tweet shop doors. New Yorkers had the ability to come in and “buy” Marc Jacob’s fragrance samples by simply tweeting, Instagramming, or Facebooking a post with the hashtag “#MJDaisyChain.” However, the goodies didn’t stop at fragrances. In order to win Marc Jacobs accessories and the ultimate grand prize, a handbag, users had to compete to make the most creative post. Fashion blogger, Aimee Song, then chose the winner to receive the grand prize.

While this is great for consumers, why would a brand simply give away free merchandise? To meet their consumers where they are! The tweet shop concept was born after the brand had a conversation with Facebook where they found out that although their fragrance did not have the most Facebook followers, they had the most loyal ones. Based off metrics obtained from Facebook, the brand found that their Facebook friends constantly share content about the brand through their social networks.

According to Mashable.com, Lori Singer, the Vice President of Global Marketing for Coty Prestige (Marc Jacobs fragrance licensor) said, “”Marc Jacobs is really active on social media and Daisy is one of the fragrance brands that triggers the highest engagement among fans. We have seen people creating drawings and stage mood shots featuring the iconic bottle, so engagement of the fans is already there.”

Marc Jacobs is not the only fashion brand to hop on the social media bandwagon. California brand, Tommy Hilfiger, will be conducting a similar social media campaign during New York Fashion Week. The brand is encouraging Instagram fans to use the hashtag “#nyfwinstameet” in order to meet up after the show and discuss the show.

With nearly 80% of consumers turning to online outlets for guidance in their shopping experience, it is integral for brands to harness their social reach.

Retail Doctor Chief Executive, Brian Walker, told Fast Company, “There is an integration now of all the channels… in many examples retailers are using social media to actually drive consumers to the physical store, not just push them online.”

As it turns out social media isn’t just fun and games, it means serious business. In order to engage a brand’s consumers it must find the proper platforms and start talking! So ladies and gentleman, next time you’re drooling over a pair of shoes, but your bank account is low, follow your favorite brand. You just may be in luck!

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