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The September Issue: Falling Back into the Swing of Things


september issueAs PR professionals, we know we’re expected to be on top of our game at all times and at a moment’s notice. We also know that it can be tough to execute during certain points of the year, like summer, when our clients, targeted media and influencers take advantage of the gorgeous summer weather and enjoy hard-earned vacations. As a result, meetings go unscheduled, updates from the client are not received, and our tactics seem to be at a standstill.

The catch is, we’re still getting paid and our clients still expect results. So what can we do to make the most out of the summer doldrums?

Well, fall can be the perfect time to revisit that PR plan. Typically, we do end-of-year recap reports for our clients outlining how well we delivered against the plan. As September rolls in, check it out- are you doing what was promised? What areas are lacking? Are you on track to reach the goals you set at the onset of the year?

After coming up with the answers, hone in on what needs the most focus. Is it blogger relations? Setting up speaking opportunities for clients? Driving interaction on your clients’ social networks? Start with your goal and see what you need to do to accomplish it. Maybe it’s taking a good look at your media list and refreshing it. Maybe a key mommy blogger we planned to reach out to earlier in the year has stopped blogging. Maybe there is a new reporter on your client’s beat, and now is the perfect time to reach out to them for a meet and greet. Whatever the case may be, use the start of the new season to get your ducks in a row to hit your goals throughout the rest of the year.

Next, take it to the clients. While they may still be “catching up” from vacation, as their PR agency you still need to add value to them. When they see the amazing work you’re able to do for them as result, they’ll thank you.

-Team Teleia

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