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The Seaport Hotel Creates a Buzz



Situated in the buzzing Seaport District, the Seaport Hotel has come to be known as one of the top-rated destinations in Boston. The AAA Four Diamond award-winning hotel has two distinctive restaurants, over 180,000 square feet of event space, and a determined commitment to sustainability through the Seaport Saves Movement. This movement is designed to increase ecological conservation throughout all aspects of the hotel and World Trade Center by taking new and innovative steps to help our planet. As a part of their outstanding commitment to creating a greener lifestyle for their hotel employees and guests, the Seaport Hotel has come up with a sweet solution to a rising environmental crisis, and Regan has been alongside to make the most out of these media opportunities.

Over the past several years, honeybees have been mysteriously dying in mass proportions throughout the nation. Researchers could not point to the source of the problem, but were seriously alarmed. Not only do we depend on bees for our honey, but these little guys pollinate our crops and feed animals higher up on the food chain, making them of vital importance to our ecosystem.

The Seaport Hotel’s “Chief Beekeeper” Edwin Medrano and his team carefully tend to the nearly one million bees that populate the hives on the Seaport rooftop. With each harvest yielding hundreds of pounds of honey, the Seaport Hotel gets creative with ways to incorporate this sugary substance into their TAMO menu.

1-steak tips

TAMO’s steak tips are marinated in the Seaport’s honey vinaigrette overnight and served with a market salad, which is dressed with the honey vinaigrette – a lighter, sweeter choice for summer.

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The spicy glazed chicken wings are coated with TAMO’s custom blend of Angel’s Envy bourbon and the Seaport honey, harmonizing sweet and savory flavors.

Back by popular demand: After the last batch of Seaport Honey Ginger IPA by Long Trail, the Seaport Hotel has chosen this year to partner with Harpoon Brewery to create the custom blended Seaport Honey Saison beer. The golden/orange brew has an appropriately sweet taste, with an initial hint of spice. This extra refreshing saison strikes a 4.4% ABV.

Regan has worked with the Seaport Hotel over the past several years to capitalize on Seaport’s drive to be an innovative, green hotel and as a result, has secured extensive coverage in both local and national outlet including print and online publications.

In 2013, Seaport opened their honey harvest to select media. For example, Regan worked with The Boston Globe to give them a first-hand look at what goes on during the honey harvests at Seaport. You can view the coverage here in this video: Harvesting honey at The Seaport Hotel

This August, we are looking forward to having select media back up onto the Seaport rooftop for one more honey harvest, this time followed by a tasting of the all-new Seaport Honey Saison brewed by Harpoon, available on tap only at TAMO Bistro & Bar beginning next week.


–Team Mariellen

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