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The Feel Good Stories and PR


Working in PR can be a pretty humbling experience. The greatest pitches can fall flat. Reporters can be snarky. And clients can be…let’s just say, demanding. You can get barked at by your boss, a reporter and a client all in the same day.

That being said, working in PR has its upsides. For me, it’s the feel good stories that I get to publicize on a fairly regular basis. Here’s a quick snapshot at a few of the things I worked on this month:

Saturday – A fleet of 19 puppies arrives at The Animal Rescue League in Brewster (client) from Louisiana and Mississippi, providing them with a new lease on life and keeping them from almost sure euthanasia. It’s almost impossible for a news outlet to say ‘no’ to covering adorable puppies, believe me!

Tuesday – Spent the day pitching feature stories on a Wounded Warrior wedding.  Renaissance (client), an exclusive private golf club in Haverhill, along with several local businesses, are providing a free dream wedding for a young couple who were injured in Afghanistan and fell in love in a military hospital. The bride-to-be always envisioned a Great-Gatsby-themed wedding, but the couple was years away from being able to afford it until Renaissance stepped in.  Fittingly, the big day will take place on July 4th and we expect a slam dunk of local and national media attention.  Yes, this also means many of us will be working on July 4 instead of going to the beach, but no complaints here.

St. Patrick’s Day – Sullivan Tire (client) surprises customers with free Irish Soda Bread and oil changes at a few of its locations, providing nice photo ops for post-event coverage.  Who doesn’t love a free gift with no strings attached?

So yeah, PR has its ups and downs, but I’m a softie for the ‘warm and fuzzy’ and am lucky to have some great clients that fit the bill!

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