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The Devil is in the Details: Event Management Requires a Roadmap


Putting together a successful press event boils down to managing several moving parts all at the same time.  At Regan Communications Group, we’ve facilitated a variety of events for all types of clients, but they all share a similar objective:  to “wow” attendees within budget.

Speaking of budget, it’s not the sexiest part of the process but yet it is the most crucial and should be the first thing you determine when planning your event.  It’s imperative to set this guideline early on so you can manage every aspect of your event back to that budget.  Some of the major considerations that influence the budget include the following: cost to rent space, number of attendees (which will dictate catering needs and price per person), gift bags, invitations, press kits, and special guest fees (if applicable) to name a few.

Next, finalize the guest list. The number of people you plan on hosting, plus their personalities, will influence where your event will take place, which again, may impact your budget.

Once you’ve determined your budget and guest list, it’s time to find a venue that meets the needs of the event you’re hosting- and its spirit, too! For example, if you’re hosting a chic fashion show you won’t want to host the event at an Irish pub! Instead, you might opt for a chic club that delivers the ambiance you are looking for.  Earlier this year,  RCG hosted an event for Turk: The Movie at The W Boston Hotel. We chose this venue because it offered ample space for all the guests that attended, is conveniently located in the heart of Boston making it easy for most guests to get to, and with Hollywood celebrities on the guest list, the W’s chic décor and architecture fit the atmosphere of a traditional star-studded party.

event management boston
Reganites Teleia Farrell, Elie Raflowitz and Arika Beaudry pose with actor Edward Burns at an event for Turk: The Movie at the W Hotel in Boston

It’s surprising how fast an event you’re planning for will creep up on you. Planning ahead and being organized will ensure your event meets its objectives and leaves you smiling.

-Lindsay Daly | Senior Account Executive

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