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The Art of a Successful Rebrand



Anytime a company is looking to rebrand, the transition needs to be done seamlessly and strategically. Keeping this process organized is a task in itself. Here are the top three things to make the changeover effectively:

Don’t rush the process. Many will be excited and want to get the new design out there in a quick manner. RebrandBlogYou only have one chance to properly make the changeover, and having all the pieces finalized so they can be launched at once is key. There should never be two elements of branding in use. Make sure any new templates and marketing materials are edited and prepared for the new design. Essentially, your new logo, color scheme, tagline and/or layout are going to be how people initially judge your company, so it’s important to make it seamless!

Prepare the employees. Make sure the staff knows the rebrand is coming and what to expect. What will change for them? What will they need to do differently? Have a full new order of business cards since that is one of the most used branded materials of a company in addition to the website. Even giving your employees a quick overview of the envision and reasoning of the rebranding can allow them to become just as excited as you are for the launch, therefore making the launch stand stronger.

Tell the world. Whether it is a simple refresh or complete redo, be sure to tell people about the change. Using social media to announce the launch as well as any newsletters is a great way to show off your new design, and drive traffic to your website. Teasing pictures or graphics of the new designs through social media will encourage people to click to explore your new look further.

Companies have to evolve as times change, so a rebrand or redesign of a logo is a great way to give a face-lift to a company–but it has to be done correctly. As I’m sure you have noticed, Regan just went through a rebrand, so I hope you like our new style. We have a fresh new website, and have extended that new branding design in our stationary, marketing materials and social media channels. Check it out here, if you haven’t already! www.regancomm.com. Hope you like!



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