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Taking a swing at our New Year’s Resolutions!


swing at new years resolution

New Year’s resolutions are the perfect excuse to step out of a comfort zone and try something new. This month Team Lauren decided to take a swing at doing just that- literally!

After talking about different workouts we were all interested in trying, we decided boxing would be first on the list and probably a perfect stress reliever in the middle of a publicist’s busy work day of juggling clients and deadlines. Dressed head to toe in @NewBalance, we trekked through the frigid Boston sidewalks to @TITLE Boxing Club at North Station. Inside the music was blasting and the instructScreen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.33.02 PMors (who could spot that we were rookies from a mile away) were ready to wrap us up & get us working. The half hour class seemed like an eternity at the time, but by the end we all couldn’t believe what an unbelievable workout it was. Note:  if you think you are doing sit ups correctly and effectively, you probably aren’t. The ones they had us doing were some of the toughest we’ve ever experienced and over time, our abs will be thankful!

Although we may be a little more sore than usual at our desks, the class was a new experience for all of us and doing it together made the experience even better. Switching up our usual routines and spending that time to improve our overall health and wellbeing was an incredible start to start the week. How are YOU planning on switching up your routine in 2016?

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