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Super Bowl Recap: Commercials and Branding (Part I)


The Super Bowl means different things to different people. For most, it’s about sports. But for others, it’s all about the brands.

As part of the media and communications industry, I specifically watch the Super Bowl for the advertisements as a way to analyze the industry. Here are my best and worst advertising picks of the 2015 Super Bowl and why:


Clash of Clans


If you didn’t know that iPhone games had a Super Bowl advertising budget, you do now. This game took a well-known actor and created a spoof utilizing Liam Neeson’s best known character trait based on Bryan Mills from “Taken” – revenge. While many ads tried to pull on heartstrings, this original – yet funny – ad helped generate massive brand awareness through universal humor.





After watching the “Make Safe Happen” commercial, many were up in arms over the harsh turn the ad took when the depicted child was actually “dead” because of an accident. While Nationwide had good intentions, many became upset and publically voiced their opinions on social media. While some brands effectively use emotions to generate a response, this was a poor example.

What were your favorite or least favorite commercials from this year’s Super Bowl and why?

 –  Carolyn Rasley, Account Executive

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