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Summer Is Just Around the Corner;Nantucket Music Festival


Summer is festival season and the island paradise of Nantucket will get in on the fun with the inaugural Nantucket Music Festival (NMF), scheduled for August 2-3 at Tom Nevers Field, overlooking the Atlantic.

As you might imagine, putting on a multi-day event like NMF constitutes a massive undertaking, complete with enough logistics to fill the entire festival venue. Getting all of the proper materials to build a stage, finding the right lighting and sound equipment and securing enough food and beverage availability represent just a small sample size of all that’s required to not only plan a music festival, but to pull it off successfully as well.

From a promotional standpoint, there are oodles of considerations necessary, with the ultimate goal being a smooth, seamless alignment of all aspects of PR, marketing, advertising and social media in order to achieve significant impact.

Event listings, media advisories, press releases must be drafted and kept up to date. Brochures, posters, postcards and other easily accessible materials must be designed, printed and published. Facebook and Twitter (Plug No. 1 – @ACKMusicFest) must be weaved into and throughout the entire campaign in order to ensure the most frequent intake of information for the maximum number of eyeballs.

Luckily, here at Regan, we are fully equipped to handle all of the above, from creating original content and publicizing the event, to designing the perfect marketing and ad campaigns, to deriving and applying custom hashtags for the festival’s Twitter account (Plug No. 2 – #NMF2014).

Ultimately, the main priority for everyone involved on all sides is to get as many folks as are allowed to hop the ferry for that first weekend in August and enjoy the likes of Guster, Lukas Nelson, Chadwick Stokes and many, many more. Making sure all the PR and marketing ducks are in a row will go a long way toward achieving the goal.

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