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Our Summer Internship Experience


Working at Regan Communications Group for our Summer Internship this summer has been nothing short of delightful and amazing. The impressive community opens their arms to interns and guides them through day-to-day life experience in the work field. Here are five things that we appreciated most from being interns this summer:

Summer Internship

5 Things We Loved About Our Summer Internship:

  • We got Hands-on experience
    • Regan offers a unique opportunity to experience the communication field first-hand. Just last week, we set out to Serafina, one of Regan’s clients, to complete a photoshoot of their summer menu. We shot the food and cocktails all by our lonesome! It gave us the chance to have real-life experience with a real-world client.
  • RCG wanted us to get the full experience
    • On the first day we arrived, our supervisor, Gabi, asked us directly what did we want to learn and get out of this internship. She also asked us what kinds of things we wanted to work on this summer in hopes that she could give us projects we were passionate about. She worked with us each week to make sure that these aspirations were being met and gave us detailed oriented projects that focused on our interests.
  • We Collaborated with higher-up Regan team members
    • Throughout our internship, we felt like we were a part of the team, not just “interns.” They trusted us to work on projects alone, but also gave us the chance to collaborate with a variety of Regan team members in order to join ideas that would ultimately create a more favorable and effective outcome.
  • RCG gave us constructive feedbackSummer Internship
    • The Regan team want its interns to excel in all aspects of the communication industry. With each project we complete, we also receive constructive feedback with a one-on-one session for improvement. With each session, we learn more and more about the needs of the client and best practices for the company.
  • Very welcoming environment with inclusive team members
    • Everyone is really excited for you to be there! On the first day, we received a booklet about the Regan community and what to expect at the office such as dress code, hours and holidays. This even included fun little tidbits like favorite lunch spots, what to do after work and must do/see Boston activities!


Summer InternshipOverall, Regan Communications Group has created a welcoming environment where interns are able to practice, develop and perfect skills that are needed to work in the communication field. We got to see just what it takes to be successful in this growing industry, and we have Regan to thank for that! If you are looking for a Summer Internship that will develop your skills and get you working with awesome clients, you should apply. Here are some tips on how to land a social media internship






-Kailie & Maggie (Social Media Summer Internship 2016)

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