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As PR professionals, we take on many roles for our clients that go beyond drafting press releases and pitching media. With the increasing importance of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, we have to make sure we’re always on top of what’s going on. There may be opportunities for our clients to comment on the latest celebrity scandal, or a chance to create a funny social media post that builds on a pop culture trend to engage consumers. We all have favorite publications and websites to stay informed on hard news, politics and finance. But, what are the best ways to track viral videos, pop culture memes, and social media trends? Below, we round up some of the websites we use to stay in the know. Be sure to add yours in the comments!

PRWeek: First stop on our reading list? We make sure we read PRWeek daily. PRWeek’s team provides in-depth analyses on news stories, media, and public relations trends.  PRWeek also posts stories on personnel announcements, so we know if any of our clients’ competitors have gotten new representation. 

USWeekly: Though tabloid magazines will never win Pulitzers for their journalistic content, they can be an excellent source of insider celebrity knowledge. From breakups to feuds on movie sets, USWeekly reports it all, and will even send you breaking news alerts to your email. Sites like TMZ will often break celebrity news first, but we prefer to stick with USWeekly, because their stories will often post once the rumors have been substantiated. Additionally, USWeekly will offer celebrity interviews, asking about their beauty regime or home decor style, opening up the door for clients to promote their products.

BuzzFeed: BuzzFeed, also known as the website with lots of lists and gifs, has become a go-to source for breaking pop culture news. From collecting tweets, to recapping TV shows, BuzzFeed manages to cover a lot of ground. The top stories and most viewed posts are on the top of the homepage, so you can quickly catch up and have an idea of what’s “buzzing” that day. There are also categories and tags to choose from, like sports, cute animals, and humor.

Which sites are your favorites? How do you stay in the know for your clients?

-Alicia Pirraglia






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