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The Starbucks Holiday Cup


Here at Regan’s Boston office, Starbucks is a crowd favorite (we’re looking at you, Two Atlantic Ave.) So, when Starbucks recently unveiled their seasonal staple just a few weeks ago, we were excited to post to our Instagram accounts. You know, a classic photo with a splash of red holiday cup color against the cool blue ocean that surrounds us on Union Wharf.

Holiday Cup
photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BM9zJBfghLm/?tagged=starbucksholidaycups

This year, the brand released 13 festive designs that seem to make coffee-drinkers obsess over their little red holiday cups of happiness even more – a big change from last year. The reveal of a 2015 red cup with no design and the idea to be creative was a big no-no for many. The Internet went crazy with negative reactions and although Starbucks was called out for being anything but festive, the simple red holiday cups were around for a reason.


Using 2015’s simplicity of a design, Starbucks called for social media users, particularly Instagram users all over the world, to submit their thoughtful designs for the cups. Over 1,200 Instagram users introduced their creations and 13 designs from six different countries were selected to be showcased on red cups for the world to see.


From poinsettias to modern holiday ornaments to swirls, each design was perfectly crafted by Starbucks-goers from many different places such as Canada, California, Russia, Idaho, and South Korea.


Although the simplicity of last year’s design was criticized, the plan to resonate with Starbucks’ audience from all over sparked engagements with the company and its customers. Starbucks used social media to connect their brand with its audience. Instagram has increasingly been the social media favorite and Starbucks capitalized on that popularity.


Not only are this year’s red cups perfect for taking the ultimate Instagram snapshot, but they also feature the work of 13 unique individuals who created their very own stories. A company that listens to its customers is a company that we love.


Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a “basic” red cup Insta-post, after all.


– Skye Stewart, Team Joanna Intern


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