COVID-19 Hospitality Recovery Strategy eBook


As businesses recover from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, brands will contend with depleted budgets and resources while having to balance the priorities and revenue growth needs of the organization, all while trying to navigate consumer demands and expectations. Striking a balance between crisis communication, public relations, and digital marketing will require the dexterity and tact of a highwire act. At Regan Communications we are constantly working to get ahead of the next evolution- whether that be a strategy, media cycle, or message. To that end, we’ve prepared an eBook designed specifically for South Carolina’s strategy around the hospitality and travel industry. We hope this document provides some structure and guidance for you as you develop your unique brand’s recovery strategy.

As you develop your post-COVID-19 communications plan, marketing strategy, and paid media plan, it’s important to consider the right content and channels with an audience-centric approach:

  1. Buyer Personas & Journey: Whether you have previously established your customer’s buyer personas and mapped out their decision-making journey or not, the deck has just been shuffled. Its time to study, survey, and adjust those personas and evaluate how they consume information and make buying decisions at a granular level. Study the changes in routes and interest and design your recovery strategy around these new expectations and pathways.
  2. The Media Mix: Travel and tourism will be impacted in ways that we can not possibly imagine. Hospitality and travel brands will need to carefully navigate consumer concerns & expectations. Pulling the levers on the right media channel will require a keen understanding of consumer intent and interest.

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