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Shooting Video on a Green Screen



Green screen videos are nothing new. If you’ve ever watched the weather report on the news, you’ve seen a green screen at work. As the name suggests, a green screen is a green background used for video production. The green background can be replaced in post production with a cityscape, mountain range, graphics or basically anything you like. It’s an easy and effective way to introduce visual elements to a video production. In some cases an entire studio is painted green and a virtual environment with depth and layers is created.

Portable greenscreen setupAs you can see from this photo, almost any space can be used to shoot your green screen video. For the best results we recommend shooting at least ten feet away from your subject, dedicated and even lighting for the green background, dedicated lights for your subject(s) and absolutely no shadows cast on the green screen. Also, any movement by the subjects must be within the confines of the green background. Last but certainly not least, anyone appearing in front of a green screen can NOT be wearing green. Why, you ask? The editing software replaces the green wherever it appears. So if your subject is wearing green pants they will appear to have no legs (see Anchorman 2).

Our client, RE/MAX of New England, invested in their very own portable and collapsible green screen. Here is a great example of what we did with it. Everything in the video, from the background color to the graphic integration, was done by replacing the green background. Check it out for yourself: http://youtu.be/Px9qbCAYhVY


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