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Pop Culture Trends: Catch ‘Em While They’re Hot


We are living in a world consumed by social media and pop culture. It may sound crazy, but more people know about Miley Cyrus than our own Vice-President. In fact, Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance generated over 10 million searches on Google while the keyword “Syria” only reached 100,000. Pop culture trends change fast, but if you can catch them when they are “hot”, you can utilize them effectively to generate a lot of buzz around a specific event.

One way in which we recently utilized trending pop culture to our advantage was for one of our clients, Town Sports. BSC/NYSC recently created workout classes inspired by two box office hits, “THOR: The Dark World” and “Hunger Games”. These classes are offered for free to members and non members and run about a month long. The classes, inspired by the movies, are designed to get you “Fit like Katniss” or “Buff like THOR” and include props such as the “THOR Hammer” to use during the workout.

Due to the popularity of these movies and being able to connect them with a free workout, Regan has been able to secure great coverage for these events. Fox news did a piece on the NYSC THOR workout along with BostInno and DigBoston featuring BSC’s THOR Thunder Workout at Government Center.

These themed classes grab the attention of the public and create a fun way to workout at My Sports Clubs! It is a great way to use the trends we are all talking about and raise awareness of the gym and the great workouts it has to offer.

– Emily Delacoste


BSC THOR photo 3

BSC THOR photo


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