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Chach’s Sports Corner: Pool Party


poolsideThinking outside of the box is imperative in any area of marketing, PR or promotions. In keeping with that idea, the Jacksonville Jaguars have scored a perfect 10 from the judges on their Triple Lindy.

This isn’t the first time the Jaguars have conjured up a scheme to keep the focus off the product on the field (11 wins in three seasons. They once offered free beer to people who purchased tickets to a particular game).

This coming season, the Jaguars will invite folks who love any water jumps from swan diving to cannon-balling to come and sit poolside for a home game. Whether you watch or not is up to you but the accommodations are THE first of its kind and easier on the eyes than those tarps they once used to cover the upper decks of the stadium.

The Jaguars are making other renovations to their stadium and will try to make these changes even more appealing to the fans by throwing concessions into the cost of certain tickets.

I was at the old Jaguars stadium for the Patriots win over the Eagles in SUPER BOWL XXIX. There was plenty wrong with Jacksonville that week, and it wasn’t only the stadium, so any improvements will only enhance the game day experience.

It is also a way for the team to reward its season ticket holders by creating these upgrades while also garnering more interest in going to a game in the team’s fans.

When I think football I tend to think crisp fall air and the leaves turning, but now the Jaguars have me thinking bikini wax and Speedo.

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