Picture Perfect

As most public relations professionals know, taking a fantastic photo can mean the difference between securing a media placement…or not. But what are the elements of a great photo? Here are a few suggestions to make your picture-taking a breeze:

Location, location, location:









Staging a group photo can be challenging in and of itself; getting multiple to smile and look in one direction all at the same time is no small feat! Make it easier on yourself by seeking out a well-let location for your group with few distractions. A clear, simple shot – such as the one above – translates well to both print and online publications.

Fun with photos:









This group, onsite at their future office complex, couldn’t wait to get their hands on hardhats, tools, ladders…anything that would make their photo feel a bit less formal. Encourage your subjects to have fun so it’s more “them” and not so staged!

You’re on “Candid Camera:”









The media, especially the society pages, loves a candid photo! Whether it’s you or a professional photographer you’re directing, keep an eye out for those special moments that capture the personality of your subject or the look and feel of the event.

“Camera shy” is a term that still exists today so a photographer’s personality is everything when it comes to getting people to be photographed.  It’s important to note that a friendly smile, a handshake, and even a please and thank you makes all the difference between your getting a truly natural shot that’s publication-worthy or an awkward one worthy of the delete button.

-Bethany Tripp


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