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Pets and Stress Relief at Regan Communications


Anyone who works in the industry will agree: a career in public relations is stressful. In fact, CareerCast named the position of PR executive as one of the top five most stressful jobs in America.mrsnuggles

A recent study done by Virginia Commonwealth University found that stress is a major contributor to employee absenteeism, morale, and burnout and results in significant loss of productivity and resources.

How do we keep our cool and enjoy our jobs here at Regan when we work at a fast-paced public relations agency? One way is by bringing our pets to work! A preliminary study published in the March issue of the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that dogs in the workplace may buffer the impact of stress during the workday for their owners and make the job more satisfying for those with whom they come into contact.

While many employers are acknowledging the fact that bringing your pets to the office is good for the workplace, not everyone has the luxury of taking their furry friend to work. Here at RCG, we do have that luxury and we take advantage of it.

Caption for photo: Brent kicks back and relaxes with George Regan’s pug, Mr. Snuggles.

– Team Brent

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